Brain Gym®

The brain and the body learn through movement. We first learn to crawl before we walk, walk before we run and so on.

These movements are learnt in sequence and they are the foundations to learning other skills such as reading and writing at school.

We always have the potential to learn, but sometimes we encounter difficulties because we’ve missed out a developmental stage or learned under stress, fear or anxiety. It could even be that we have an unrecognised difficulty such as dyslexia.

Brain Gym® benefits

  • Brain Gym® helps us to look at these blocks to learning and encourages us to remove them at a manageable pace
  • It helps to integrate logical and creative thinking processes
  • Brain Gym® balances mind, body and emotions
  • It enables a person to be relaxed and ready to learn, helping them to acquire new skills
  • It can even be applied to sports skills, allowing improved co-ordination

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Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International/Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

I specialise in Educational Kinesiology on a one-to-one basis and as a trainer in Brain Gym® 101.

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